Water Control Services

Equipment and Products Manufactured and Designed in America

Water Control Services has been in business since 1993, founded by Larry Croft. He was a chemical sales consultant with a multi-national chemical manufacturing company that specialized in HVAC, waste, and process water treatment. With a deep understanding of the entire process required to achieve and maintain the proper level of water integrity, Water Control Services has the expertise to get the job done effectively and efficiently. The equipment and products are designed and manufactured in America. Their services are available in the Southeastern United States.

Heating and cooling a building represents the largest percentage of total utility costs by far. Restoring heat transfer efficiency to water based HVAC equipment can save a significant amount of time, reduce operating budgets, and extend capital equipment life dramatically. A large percentage of the HVAC systems operating today have no water treatment at all or do not have a proper water treatment program in place. This results in significantly higher operational and capital costs. WCS can survey your equipment, run an analysis on all parameters, and immediately determine if they could be of service.


Are You A Property Manager or Maintenance Engineer with HVAC/Process Water Treatment Responsibilities?