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Control Your System Remotely

Whether on your Phone or Computer, our equipment allows you to access everything you need, anywhere.


This cloud based reporting Software allows you to save lab results, controller data, provide graphing, and store documents, all from one location!

MegaTron MT

MegaTronMT makes continuous monitoring and control of industrial water systems such as cooling towers, boilers and waster water easy with it’s large full graphic, user-friendly, touch screen display. Using a simple system approach an individual MegaTronMT can control 1 to 4 systems. Each of these systems can be specifically configured with the functions your application requires.



  • Multiple System Capability
  • Internet Communication
  • Wifi Comes Standard
  • Multi-Level Security
  • USB History Access
  • USB Configuration Cloning
  • Simple Touchscreen Style Menu
  • Everything Keypad Settable
  • On Screen History Graphs
  • Large Customizable Display
  • Control 1 to 4 Systems
  • BACnet, Modbus and Lonworks communications options
  • Locking NEMA-4X style enclosure
  • Hinged thumb screw panel for easy access to internal components
  • Card slots for easy field upgrade

Reverse Osmosis System

All types of filtration systems including reverse osmosis systems.

Water Softeners

Series A Pump

Series A metering pumps provide reliable, flexible chemical addition for a wide variety of applications. Metering accuracy is achieved with microprocessor controlled menu adjustable speed and double ball guided checks. A rugged housing with control cover is suitable for outdoor installations. Available in outputs up to 45 GPD and 250 PSI and control

Additional Equipment

Automated Glycol Feed Systems

Solid Chemical Feed Systems